Pin Piles

If you are looking for a simple addition, our Pin Piles are what you need. This type of piling is inexpensive and great for limited access areas as other machinery may not be able to fit. The perfect service for smaller foundations.

Pin Piles are small pipe piles usually 3" or 4" in diameter driven to refusal; they are commonly used for foundation repairs and projects requiring lighter loads. These piles are the most economical and very practical in many cases. Pin Piles are schedule 40 or 80 Galvanized generally cut in 7' sections, the lead piece having a closed-end for end bearing in underlaying limestone, and extensions fitted with distinctive sleeves used to later weld together proceeding pieces as necessary to achieve the final pile length required.


Best Product

This method is much more practical and efficient. These machines are very mobile and as small as 4 to 6 feet in width. We keep plenty of these piles in stock and can usually get to any project with a few days of notice. We have crews specialized in Pin Pile installations ready to help you.


Another significant factor when considering Pin piles is, they can be installed with very portable equipment, as small as 140lb pneumatic driver, this driver, powered by an air compressor, can be carried anywhere, even under crawl spaces and basements. Pin piles can also be installed with the use of machine mounted hydraulic rammers capable of having up to 750lbs of a driving force.