Helical Piles

Our Helical Piles can help restore your foundation. Using helical flights, this type of pile is mounted into the ground using a steel shaft. Since these are portable, they are useful for a variety of projects.

The Helical Piles are extremely useful for projects with limited access, as we can install them with portable equipment. At AMERICAN FOUNDATION, we commonly use special brackets to support and repair damaged or declining foundations. They can reach capacities of up to 19 tons.


Best Product

Due to the Helixes locking into the underlying soil/lime rock, causing a corkscrew effect, these piles have high-tension capacities. Sometimes equal to the rated compression capacity. High-tension strength is required in many cases where designs have uplift loads. Another great benefit of Helical Piles is the installation process is clean and straightforward, with no concrete grout mess or damage to lawns or landscapes.


We install the Helical Piles with a slow speed-high torque driver. This is mounted on a skid steer loader or mini excavator; they are Auger torque driven to a depth necessary to achieve the desired capacity and usually determined by monitoring installation torque and the machine hydraulic pressure.

At AMERICAN FOUNDATION, we have fully equipped trained squads ready to perform any size project.