Auger Cast Piles

One of the key types of piling for foundations is the Auger Cast Piles. These are installed by a rotating hollow auger that is pierced into the soil to a certain depth. Foundation piling requires these types of pilings.

The Auger Cast Piles are the most common and useful. At AMERICAN FOUNDATION, we work with piles typically 12''-24'' in diameter. The Auger Cast Piles are formed by drilling into the ground with a hollow stemmed continuous flight Auger going to the required depth or degree of resistance.



The Auger is then slowly extracted, and grout is pumped through the drill shaft. Strengthening steel is then lowered into the wet concrete or grout. This finished foundation can resist compressive, uplift, and lateral movements.

Best Product

At AMERICAN FOUNDATION, we use the crawler type rig to install Auger Cast Piles. This kind of equipment is more effective and efficient, allowing more accurate installation of piles. It enables better control of exact vertical alignment and placement, hence achieving a superior final product.